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Ingeborg Hischer    from reviews on recordings
  • she reveals the full richness of her voice's registers including the mezzosoprano in the "Missa in simplicitate" by Jean Langlais
    (Musica Sacra, 1983, on the LP "Ingeborg Hischer singt geistliche Werke ...", MDG)
  • ... Hischer's warm mezzo-soprano sensitively draws an image of the dark sides of life, such as those reflected in Brahms' "Der Tod, das ist die kühle Nacht" (the death, this is the cold night) ... All in all a mature recording worth listening to.
    (Braunschweiger Zeitung, 1998, on the CD "Ingeborg Hischer singt Lieder ...", SICUSKlassik)
  • the idea is appealing ... Ingeborg Hischer's warm timbre full of vibrations is ... impressive
    (FONO FORUM, 2000, on the CDs "Ave Maria im Spiegel der Zeiten", Vol. 1 and 2, SICUSKlassik)
  • the interpretations of these works are fascinating. The artist possesses not only a well-trained voice in all registers, but also an admirable abilty to design the tone colours of music. The sung text can be understood everywhere
    (Ars Organi, 2000, on the CDs "Ave Maria im Spiegel der Zeiten", Vol. 1 und 2, SICUSKlassik)
  • Thank you very much having sent me the CD with the "Missa in simplicitate" by Jean Langlais. I just put this recording in the hapter "recordings" (new) of the Jean Langlais website. Congratulations to Mrs Hischer and her accompanist.
    With my best regards, Marie-Louise Langlais.
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